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I am anything but a princess. I can handle myself in any situation and don’t mind getting my hands dirty. The only thing royal about me is the color of my nail polish.

Here’s One of Our Members


I am one tough broad and am not afraid to stick up for my lady. I may not be all rainbows and kittens, but I know how to treat a lady right.

Here’s One of Our Members


I’m a no frills kind of girl. I like to stay home and relax most weekends, but also like to go out and tear it up if I’ve had a long and stressful week.

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Here Are Some of Our Members

Here’s One of Our Members


I like going to cosplay events. I have a lot of costumes that I’ve made myself. I’m really looking forward to being able to go to Comic Con this year.

Here’s One of Our Members


I’m a true Southern Belle and have the accent to prove it. I love being able to go out and enjoy the beautiful weather and can’t wait to spend some time in the sun.

Here’s One of Our Members


I’m looking for someone that will bring me out of my shell. I’ve been trying to open up and be more confident in who I am and how people perceive me.

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